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North Wales Rock Chick

Amanda Griffiths



PhD in Air Guitar

A North Wales Rock Chick is studying for

a doctorate on the air guitar.





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This page is based on a report from 2005



North Wales dance teacher Amanda Griffiths is studying the art of invisible rhythm and lead for a University of Salford PhD. The study will take her another four and a half years to complete and she hopes her findings will provide a fascinating insight into the world of would-be musicians who rock with imaginary "axes".


The 32 year old's passion for air guitar started when she got up on stage for a laugh at the Manchester heat of the 2002 UK Air Guitar Playing Championships. Little did she know she would win, landing a place in the UK finals where she came fourth.


2008 Air Guitar World Championships in Finland


Originally from Bryncoed Park, Mold, North Wales, Amanda's "studies" are taking her to Finland to meet the cream of air guitarists at the world championships being staged in August 2005     


As a result the Amanda who now lives in Chorlton, Manchester, was invited to talk on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. She met fellow interviewee and Salford University popular music chairwoman Professor Sheila Whiteley who encouraged her to do a PhD on the subject.


Amanda will research what is termed "codes of performance" - basically why on earth people do it? She originally graduated with a BA in performing arts from De Montfort University, Leicester.


Radio 4 (The Home Service) now recognize

Air Guitar Playing as a Performing Art


"I was interviewed on Radio 4 who dubbed me the country's leading female air guitarist," said Amanda.. "We were discussing why there are so few female air guitarists with Professor Whitely and she invited me to research the subject under her supervision. "It is an unusual subject. People either laugh or think I'm fibbing when I tell them."


Her studies, which began in January, cover not just the art of invisible guitar but also the cultural aspects of getting on stage, performing and audience participation.


In Finland she hopes to interview national champions from 13 countries including Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.They are taking part in the final at Club Teatria, a former slaughterhouse in the city of Oulu.


Up to five "wild-card" places will be given to outsiders who rock their way through qualifying rounds the night before.The winner of the contest - now in its 10th year - will walk away with the

world title, a handmade Flying Finn guitar worth 2,500 euros and a Vox BM Special amplifier designed, donated and signed by Queen legend Brian May


Amanda added: "It's an honour to be asked to lecture at what is the biggest event in any air guitarist's calendar. "People travel from all over the world to compete and I can't wait to meet

them and find out what it is that drives them to play."It's great fun to watch. In the UK, it's judged by the audience who boo

or cheer for their favourites.


Air Guitar Judging – A Serious Business at Top Level


"But at the world championships there are a panel of judges who give marks out of six, like in ice-skating. "Their criteria include technique, and airness - which is about going above and beyond just mimicking playing the guitar - and into an art form

in its own right."My favourite air guitar songs are Since You've Been Gone by Rainbow, and Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns and Roses. That's a real classic.


"I like soft rock tunes not Heavy Metal. Anything you can get down on your knees and rock out too. "I'm not planning to take part myself. But you never know what will happen after a tequila or two. It comes out of nowhere."


Cardiff Theosophical Society’s Air Guitar players will find Amanda’s lack of interest in Heavy Metal a bit unusual and in fact rather challenging.


Amanda is funding the doctorate through jobs and said she already has a publisher interested. Her friend Scott Abraham, a filmmaker who worked on Coronation Street and Channel 4 comedy series Phoenix Nights, will travel with her to make their

very own "rockumentary".





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